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Chongqing Chemdad Co.,Ltd

Main products: 2,7-ADA,2,4,6-Trichloroaniline,TRIMETHYLOXONIUM TETRAFLUOROBORATE,Zinc sulfide,5-HEXEN-1-OL
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Chongqing Chemdad Co., Ltd
Country: China
Tel: 023-+86-023-61398051
Mobile: +8613650506873
QQ: 2468450873
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Address: :Room 403 ,3-1,4-1(industrial design center) NO. 18 ,Wujiang Road, Wulidian Street, Jiangbei District, Chongqing
Chongqing Chemdad Co., Ltd founded in November 2017, it is a professional company integrating production ,import and export of chemicals.The main business scope includes pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, APIs, pesticide raw materials and intermediates, electronic chemicals, cosmetics additives, functional materials , perfume intermediates ,liquid crystal intermediates and chemical solvents,ect. Chongqing Chemdad co.,Ltd focuses on the business philosophy of quality first . We have analytical laboratories, analytical equipment such as HPLC and GC, and close cooperation with many testing units such as Chongqing University Analysis Center to ensure product quality. At the same time, we built a deep cooperation relationship with good reputation labs and factories which located in Shanghai city and shangdong province . We have R&D and high-volume production from gram to tonnage.
The supplier does not disclose its product catalog at present.
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