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Jiangsu Guotai Guomian Trading Co.,Ltd.

Main products: APIs,Intermediates,Fine chemicals
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Jiangsu Guotai Guomian Trading Co.,Ltd.
Country: China
Tel: +86-512-58916079
Mobile: +86-13601562190
Skype: Chat Now!
Address:14/F,Guotai Bldg,Renmin Rd(M),Zhangjiagang City,Jiangsu,China 215600.

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Company Profile

Our business team has been engaged in the pharmaceutical & chemical field since 1998, with the main product lines of APIs, intermediates & fine chemicals. The sales volume in 2022 exceeded US$89 million. The company has always been focusing on the integration of trade, manufacturing & technology, market-oriented, & adhering to the strategy of professional & international development. The company has established a wide range of strategic partnerships with various upstream and downstream customers, having a number of well-known pharmaceutical & chemical companies’ authorized agency agreement of their hot products. The company has strong channel advantages in Latin America, South Asia, CIS & Africa market. Based on high technology and R&D innovation, the company has actively worked with domestic research companies, laboratories & factories to provide customers with customized R&D and production services. The company's object is to try to help customers meet their full needs in the manufacturing process by a more economical and creative way and is committed to become a trusted expert for the manufacturing process needs solution in pharmaceutical & chemical industries.

Enterprise Basic Information

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Type of Enterprise: Company limited
Legal Representative: Wang Jianhua
Registered Capital: RMB100,000,000
Founded Date: 2020-02-18
Registered Address: 19-21/F.,Guotai Bldg,Renmin Rd(M),Zhangjiagang City,Jiangsu,China 215600.
Term of Validity: 2020-02-18—2100-02-18
Business Scope: Supply of pharmaceutical & chemical products.
Staff number: 100-500 People
Number of R & D department: 1-5
Annual turnover: RMB Above 100 million
Main consumer market: Pharmaceutical factory  Fine chemical plant  Medical materials factory  Material factory 
Main marketing location: Argentina  Brazil  India  Vietnam  Russia 
Main product or service: Supply of API, Intermediates & Fine chemicals.

Trade Company

Marketing : Jiangsu Guotai Guomian Trading Co.,Ltd.
Address: 14/F,Guotai Bldg,Renmin Rd(M),Zhangjiagang City,Jiangsu,China 215600.
Area: Jiangsu,China
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Marketing :
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Brief description : Quality assurance: (a) Ensure that our procedures and practices comply with relevant industry standards as well as the requirements of the relevant authorities and our customers. (b) Ensure that the quality assurance team will involve the whole process control from the very beginning to the end, including: the qualified supplier’s identification, the quality control system verification, Ex-factory inspection, packing, batch sample retention, logistics process supervision, documents support and
Quality inspection equipment: HPLC/ GC/ LC-MS
Certificate of accreditation: ISO9001:2015
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Brief description : GMP standard workshop
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Staff composition for example: Professional team: (1) Our management team: Main members have averagely 20 years working experience related in pharmaceutical & chemical fields. (2) Our business team: Main members own professional background in pharmaceuticals, organic chemical synthesis, chemistry or other related majors. (3) All business team members receive regular trainings and qualification verifications.
Professional skills: We focus on meeting the various needs of pharmaceutical & chemical manufacturing process. We have reliable capacity of providing customers with full products starting from raw materials to intermediates, APIs, packaging materials and fine chemicals with professional package service of technical advice, productions’ plan, quality management, logistics collaborative management, documentation, technical document supports and financial service, etc.
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