10 Best Pet Hair Remover Reviews for 2021

10 Best Pet Hair Remover Reviews for 2021

Most pet owners have dealt with the struggle of trying to control pet hair in the home. Even if you have short haired pets, the hair can easily get out of control during shedding season. One of the best ways to keep pet hair under control is to use pet hair removers. There are many different options available when it comes to ways to remove pet hair.

When you’re shopping for pet hair removers, it’s important to consider where you need to remove the hair from. There are hair removing devices that are specifically designed to use on furniture. Some may also work on carpet and other surfaces. The following is a list of the 10 best pet hair removers based on consumer reviews.

10. Nado Care Pet Hair Remover Roller

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The Nado Care pet hair remover roller is designed to remove dog and cat hair from furniture, bedding, carpets, and clothing. It’s easy to use and compact so you can take it with you wherever you may need it.

This pet hair remover from Nado Care doesn’t require sticky tape. You can easily remove the top of the unit to clean out the pet hair as needed. It can be wiped with a cloth after each use and can be reused many times.


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The Lilly Brush Be Forever Furless pet hair remover is designed to clean even the furriest furniture with little effort. This compact brush is gentle on fabrics but still effective at removing hair on all types of furniture.

This pet hair removing brush is easy to use and clean. It works best on long hair and includes an ergonomic handle so you can easily use it on all the surfaces in your home without pain or strain.

8. STÙNICK Pet Hair Remover

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The STÙNICK pet hair remover tool removes hair and lint from clothing, upholstery, bedding, and more. This device is reusable and double-sided to make the hair removal process quick and easy.

This pet hair remover is gentle and can be used on nearly any type of fabric. It includes a base that makes cleaning the hair remover quick and easy with little mess.

7. K&K Pet Grooming Glove Gift Set

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The K&K pet grooming glove set is ideal for pet owners with dogs and cats who shed a lot. These gloves are easy to use and are designed to remove loose hair without pulling or any type of discomfort to your pet.

This glove set helps prevent hair from getting onto your furniture, floors, and carpets. You can use the gloves on a regular basis to reduce the accumulation of loose hair in your home. Hair sticks to the silicone tips on the gloves easily for quick disposal.

6. DELOMO Pet Hair Remover Roller

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The DELOMO pet hair remover roller can remove pet hair from carpets, bedding, furniture, clothing, and more. This roller is easy to use. To empty it you simply open the waste compartment to dump the hair and wipe the roller with a wet cloth.

This pet hair roller from DELOMO is durable and reusable. It’s compact so you can take it with you as needed. The roller is made of ABS plastic with a strong handle for easy rolling on all types of surfaces.

5. Brellavi Pet Hair Remover Brush

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The Brellavi pet hair remover brush includes a self cleaning base which makes it easy to clean the brush for reuse. This unit is double sided so you can remove lots of hair at once.

This pet hair remover brush from Brellavi has a dense and fluffy adhesive material that easily grabs hair. The brush can be used on linens, furniture, clothing, carpets, and inside your vehicle.

4. Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

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The Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter instantly removes pet hair from your clothing, bedding, and furniture. This compact tool is easy to use and is made with all natural materials that won’t cause harm to the surfaces in your home.

This hair removal tool has a sponge-like texture that grabs hair efficiently. It can be used over and over again to remove hair and other dirt and debris from the surfaces in your home.

3. Pet Hair Remover Glove

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The pet hair remover glove is designed to brush away mats, slight tangles, and loose hair. This glove is a great way to reduce the amount of loose pet hair in your home.

This grooming glove is flexible and gentle for your dog or cat. It has an adjustable Velcro strap to fit most size hands comfortably. The glove can be used on all types of coats and is great for use on wet or dry fur.

2. Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover

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The Fur-Zoff pet hair remover has a unique design that makes it versatile and functional. This compact hair remover can be used on many types of fabrics around your home or inside your vehicle to remove pet hair.

This pet hair remover from Fur-Zoff is easy to use. You simply sweep it lightly over your carpets, furniture, bedding. clothing, car seats, and more to remove hair quickly and effectively.

1. ChomChom Roller

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The ChomChom Roller pet hair remover works well for removing hair from your furniture, clothes, bedding, and carpets. This roller is sturdy and reusable.

This pet hair roller from ChomChom has an easy to empty receptacle to get rid of hair and dander that’s been collected. It includes a patented brush system that works to remove long and short hairs.

If you have pets, especially ones with long hair, you may be looking for a better way to keep your home and car free of pet hair. Vacuums can work well, but it’s not always practical to use a vacuum anytime you need to remove pet hair from surfaces. Compact pet hair removers work well to remove hair from your clothing, furniture, carpets, rugs, and other surfaces in your home or vehicle.

Pet hair removers come in several styles and sizes. Many are portable so you can take them with you in your vehicle or when you travel to remove hair from clothing and other surfaces. Some are completely reusable while others have sticky tape that you remove once it’s covered with hair. The hair removers that use sticky tape often have refills that you can purchase. It’s helpful to read online consumer reviews when choosing the best pet hair remover. These reviews can provide you with helpful information on the quality and usefulness of the options you’re considering for purchase.