10 Best Hamster Food Reviews for 2021

When it comes to having a pet of any size, choosing the right food for them is very important. This is especially true with small pets like hamsters. They need a certain blend of nutrients to stay healthy and active. If you’re new to hamster ownership, you may feel uncertain about which is the best food to buy. There are lots of options available and hamster food comes in various bag sizes and in a wide range of prices.

Choosing a good food for your hamster can help them be healthier and live a longer and happier life. Hamster food is relatively inexpensive when compared to other types of pet foods but you don’t want to choose a cheap option if it’s inferior in nutrients. Hamsters thrive when they eat a balanced diet with all the recommended nutrients. The following is a list of the 10 best hamster foods based on reviews.

10. Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Fortified Hamster Food

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The Vitakraft menu vitamin fortified hamster food comes in a 2 pound bag. This food is designed to be fed during all life stages to provide your hamster with all the nutrients they need to be healthy.

This hamster food from Vitakraft includes high levels of vitamins C and E along with essential fatty acids. This food promotes a healthy skin and coat. The bag is resealable to maintain freshness.

9. Sunseed 36043 Vita Prima Sunscription Hamster & Gerbil Food

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The Sunseed 36043 Vita Prima hamster and gerbil food is made with a high variety of ingredients to keep your small pet interested in their food. It’s also yam-free.

This hamster food from Sunseed comes in a 2-pound bag. The food includes hard, crunchy pieces for tooth conditioning. It’s also fortified with omega-3s for added health benefits.

8. F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Hamster-Gerbil Food

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The F.M Brown’s Tropical Carnival natural hamster and gerbil food is made without filer seeds. This food is also free of artificial colors and flavors to provide your hamster with a natural and safe food source.

This hamster food from Tropical Carnival is fortified with vitamins and nutrients. It’s designed to support healthy digestion and contains antioxidants to promote immunity.

7. Wild Harvest Hamster And Gerbil Advanced Nutrition Diet

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The Wild Harvest hamster and gerbil food comes in a 4-pound bag which makes it ideal for those with more than one small pet to feed. This food is made with seeds, fruits, vegetables and grain.

This food from Wild Harvest contains a blend of nutrients and vitamins to keep your hamster healthy and active. The addition of flax seeds makes this food a good choice for all adult hamsters.

6. Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Hamster Food

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The Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health hamster food has larger crunchy pieces to help with teeth health. This food comes in several bag sizes including the featured 3-pound bag.

This hamster food from Kaytee contains prebiotics and probiotics for immune support. It’s naturally preserved for freshness and also has a reclosable bag for convenience.

5. Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Hazel Hamster Tasty Mix

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The Supreme Petfoods Tiny Friends Farm Hazel Hamster Tasty Mix comes in a 2-pound bag. This food is made with a mix of ingredients to promote overall health and wellness.

This hamster food from Supreme Petfoods is nutritionally balanced with added vitamins and minerals. It has no added sugar and includes a variety of nuts, seeds, and other tasty foods that appeal to most hamsters.

4. Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix Hamsters & Gerbils

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The Higgins Sunburst gourmet food mix is perfect for hamsters and gerbils. This food comes in a 2.5 pounds bag and includes natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals for optimal health.

This hamster food is naturally preserved. It has protected probiotics for immune health and also includes omega-3 fatty acids and is enhanced with DHA.

3. Oxbow Animal Health Hamster and Gerbil

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The Oxbow animal health hamster and gerbil is made with hand-selected Timothy hay for health and wellness. The food is available in a 1-pound bag or a 15-pound bag.

This hamster food from Oxbow is free of artificial ingredients. It doesn’t contain fruits or seeds and is in kibble format to help prevent selective eating.

2. Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet For Hamsters Or Gerbils

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The Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition diet for hamsters or gerbils comes in a 4.5-pound container. This plastic container can be resealed easily for freshness.

This hamster food from Wild Harvest contains a blend of tasty ingredients with added vitamins for optimal nutrition. It’s designed to replicate the diet small mammals would eat in the wild.

1. Kaytee Fiesta Hamster and Gerbil Food

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The Kaytee Fiesta hamster and gerbil food is made with assorted fruits and veggies for added variety. This food has probiotics and prebiotics to promote healthy digestion.

This hamster food from Kaytee is rich in natural antioxidants. It comes in a 4.5-pound bag and is naturally preserved for freshness. The shapes and textures in this food are designed to promote teeth health.

Ensuring that your hamster eats a healthy diet will help them stay healthy and happy. Hamsters don’t require a lot of special foods but it’s important to feed them a food that’s rich in nutrients and beneficial ingredients. These foods have been specially formulated with the specific needs of small animals like hamsters in mind. They come in several formulations and you may need to try more than one to find the best option for your particular pet.

Hamsters can be great pets and they are quite easy to take care of. As long as you provide them with a safe place to sleep and a healthy diet consisting of a high-quality hamster food, they can be happy and healthy. When choosing a good hamster food it’s helpful to read online reviews of the different products available. These reviews can help you choose the best food for your pet based on ingredients, formula, and price.