Top 10 Best Dog Flea Collars In 2017 Reviews

Dog flea collars are necessary for protecting pets from getting fleas. It is essential to note that it prevents but does not heal infestation. The collars help in repelling the insect. Some have been made with active ingredients that diffuse in the dog’s skin and treats them. The duration that the collars are effective differs and having one that offers the longest period of safety is beneficial. Having the best collar will help in combating the pests. This article has outlined the attributes of the bestselling so that you can consider them.


Dr. Mercola Herbal Repellent Collar

10. Dr. Mercola Herbal Repellent Collar
This flea collar is multipurpose, and it will also repel mosquitoes, ticks and other insects. It has been made with natural ingredients so that it can diffuse and over time. It works up to 4months. This size is ideal for small dogs and puppies. It is toxin-free making it a top-rated pet care product. The collar is water resistant and this makes it convenient as it provides long term protection.

Salvo Flea & Tick Collar

9. Salvo Flea & Tick Collar
The active ingredient in this collar is Deltamethrin Insecticide, and it has been formulated with insecticide release protection so that it keeps fleas away and kill those that are already in your pet’s environment. The collar should be worn continuously up to six months so that it offers an adequate performance. It is ideal for dogs with 22inches. The collar being water resistant its benefits will not diminish.

Scalibor Protector Band

8. Scalibor Protector Band
Have a long lasting protection for your pet with this collar whose benefits will last up to six months. It should be used on dogs that are 12weeks old and above. It is advantageous as one size fits all. It is efficient and will help with repelling fleas and ticks. It has been made with high-quality materials so that it can be durable. The price is also pocket-friendly.


This collar is 25inches and can be adjusted to fit dogs of different sizes. After getting the proper fit for your buddy, you should cut off the extra length. It works for three months, and it does get the job done. The collars should be worn tightly so that it gets in contact with the skin and the pet can’t remove it. It is recommended for dogs that are 3months and above. Benefit from the new low pricing that this model has.


6. Arava
With the eleven non-toxic ingredients that this collar has, you will be guaranteed of keeping fleas off unlike with other standard collars. It is safe for pets and even children. It has improved protection and can repel a broad range of insects. It has an adjustable, comfortable design so that dogs can wear it all the time. It is also beneficial as it can be used by dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Seresto Dog Flea Collar

5. Seresto Dog Flea Collar
If you have a dog that is less than 18lbs, then this is the ideal collar for them. It uses a brand new technology for distributing the insecticide throughout the pet’s body. This ensures overall protection. It is odorless making it comfortable for your buddy. It lasts up to eight months. It can be cut for smaller necks or those with big dogs can purchase the large size. The active ingredient in it is Imidacloprid and Flumethrin.

Bayer Seresto

4. Bayer Seresto
You can bathe your dog with no worries as the benefits of this collar will not diminish because it is water resistant. Take your buddy for a swim with it. The pack has two collars that will help fight fleas and keep them off from big dogs. The collar is non-greasy, odorless and gives an ample time when being worn. It offers eight months of continuous protection. It has two active ingredients.


3. Seresto
This collar is 15.5inches, and it provides up to 8months protection to your fluffy friend. It is the small size making it ideal for small pets. It uses a brand new technology for distributing the insecticide throughout the pet’s body. This ensures overall protection. It is odorless making it comfortable for your buddy. It lasts up to eight months. It can be cut for smaller necks.

Seresto Collar

2. Seresto Collar
Make your dog stylish with this red collar that is 27.5inches. This makes it ideal for large pets. It is a high-quality collar that performs well. Ensure it is a perfect fit for the pet and the extra length can be cut off. It provides maximum protection as it has been enhanced with a new technology which ensures that the insecticide diffuses throughout the dog’s body. Get it and start keeping your loved one safe.

Bayer Seresto

1. Bayer Seresto
This top rated dog flea collar has a sustained release technology that enhances its performance. It is a large size, and that makes it a people’s favorite. Fleas and ticks will be kept off from your pet efficiently when you use it. The collar is comfortable when to be worn continuously as it is odorless and non-greasy. The protection also lasts longer as it can be utilized up to eight months.