Top 10 Best Dog Car Barriers In 2018 Reviews

Dogs can be messy at times. When traveling with your dog in your car, just know that so many things can happen. Dogs will get excited about new things, wild sometimes or scared. The dog may jump to the front seat and can do anything putting everyone in the car in danger. That is why you should think about buying the best dog car barrier to keep your dog in check.

The dog car barrier will enable you to confine your dog to a suitable place in the car. The barriers will come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Your choice will depend on various considerations such as the dog size, temperament, strength and also the size of your vehicle. The following is a list of the best barriers in the market.


Bergan Travel Automobile

10. Bergan Travel Automobile

One of the best dog car barriers in the market. The barrier has a freedom lock system installed for passenger and driver seat adjustment. The lower and upper section of the barrier has vents for air circulation. The barrier measures 2.5 by 5.5 by 9.8 with a flexible cargo netting that can be made to collapse. A back seat barrier to ensure the dog does not interfere with the front seat


Petroad Universal

9. Petroad Universal

The barrier is strong and durable and will keep your dog at the back of the car ensuring a safe ride. Main features include.

To ensure a universal fit for many cars fitted with headrests for front seats the barrier has adjustable straps

The material is resistant to scratches and durable

It is made of lightweight and flexible-nylon to fold easily for storage.

It is designed for both driver and pet to see each other

Easy to install


MidWest Pet Barrier -Wire Mesh

8. MidWest Pet Barrier -Wire Mesh

The barrier is made of rubber molding around that will protect the pet dog and the car’s interior from damage. The barrier is strong and confines the pet to the back cargo area for a safe driving. You can be able to make adjustments and has a versatile design that covers many models such as SUVs, Wagons, Crossover vehicles and minivans. Other features include.

  • It is easy to install in minutes
  • The coating is made of black electro black coating to avoid reflection
  • Has a wire mesh protection
  • Has rod legs that are removable

Petego Kar 9 -Keeper

7. Petego Kar 9 -Keeper

The Petego Kar has a universal design that makes it a fit for any kind of car. It is fully adjustable and portable. The quality, style and performance of this barrier are ahead of other competitors in the market. The assembly of the barrier is done professionally without any damages with any drilling or clipping. The barrier will constantly remain attached to headrests stems available in many vehicles. The material such the steel tubing is of high quality.


Zone Tech Pet

6. Zone Tech Pet

The Zone Tech is made to confine the dog at its place as you make the ride. It is more convenient than the metal barriers in that it is easy to remove and install with its adjustable straps and hooks. The barrier can be attached either to the front seat-headrests or the handles above the door. It is made for any type of vehicle including SUVs, cars and vans. The design structure is compact for portability and storage. Features include.

Hook bungee-cords

Loop bungee-cords

A storage bag


PETFECT Dog- Car Back Seat- Barrier

5. PETFECT Dog- Car Back Seat- Barrier

The best barrier for all SUV vehicles is made of a high quality material which makes it very durable and strong. The design is created with well-designed clamps mechanism to keep the dog in its place and everyone comfortable. It has advanced netting for climate control and for dog and driver eye contact. You can install the barrier in an easy manner and quickly


WeatherTech Tubular

4. WeatherTech Tubular

It is made of high duty tubes- 5/8 inch diameter with no drilling and tools. It is fully expandable and adjustable for safekeeping of the dog at the vehicle rear. The adjustment will happen both horizontally and vertically making it ideal for any pet and vehicle. It has a ‘’no-mar’’ –rubber coated components to protect the inner part of the vehicle and ensure a noise free installation.


Guardian Gear

3. Guardian Gear

The barrier is made to be fully adjustable and will confine your pet dog to the cargo area. It is strongly made to suit strong vehicles like SUVs, Station Wagons, and Minivans. They are pressure mounted and will take just minutes to install using no tools. The material used for the cage consists of heavy duty-tubular steel coated with a black powder. The dog barrier can be adjusted from 35’’ to 61 ‘’W and 26’’ to 44 ‘’H care.


Highland 2004500 Black

2. Highland 2004500 Black

The strong pet car barrier is constructed of heavy-duty metal to make it strong for vehicles like SUVs, vans and wagons. It has protective brace pads to ensure no damage occurs to the vehicle interior and a see-through dog and driver. The Universal barrier will keep the pet safely in the cargo area making the ride safe and comfortable. The installation takes just minutes and drilling is not required. None marred- brace pads surround the barrier ensuring no damage happens to the vehicle inner area. The height will- adjusts to 45’’ while the width to 65’’.


Reese Explore 1390800 -Adjustable

1. Reese Explore 1390800 -Adjustable

It is made of steel frames which do not require any drilling and makes the installation process easy and quick. The sides are surrounded by non-marred brace pads to protect the interior of the car. The height is adjustable to 45” and the height to 65”, to be suitable for most vehicles. The installation I larger vehicles will require an extension kit. The product is a leader in the market and meets all lifestyles.

You can be sure that having the best barrier will give you that satisfaction of your pet travelling in style and without causing messes. You will need to consider many things such as your vehicle type, barrier shapes and sizes to come up with the best choice.

The above guide is drawn out of user’s reactions and responses towards suitability of barriers in the market. You will find that the above-listed barriers got the best ratings in user reviews. The link is provided just in case you want to check for further details.