10 Best Cat Condo & House Reviews For 2021

10 Best Cat Condo & House Reviews For 2021

Some cats are easily occupied while others can get bored easily. Boredom can often lead to mischief which is why it’s important to have items in your home to keep your cat happy. A good cat condo or house is ideal for homes with one or multiple cats. They come in many sizes and styles. Some include scratching posts to give your cat an appropriate place to scratch so they can keep their claws sharp and healthy without causing damage to your furniture.

When shopping for a cat condo it’s important to consider the size of your home and the area in which you want to place the house. Some of these cat condos are quite large and they need a big space for use. Your cat may prefer to have their condo in the main living space of your home or in a quieter area. Some houses are even designed to be used outdoors. The following is a list of the 10 best cat condos and houses based on reviews.

10. PETYELLA Heated cat Houses

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The PETYELLA heated cat house is designed to keep your cat warm when they’re outdoors. This house features a heated mat with a chew-proof cord. It can be used for feral or stray cats to give them a warm place to sleep.

This cat house is waterproof and well-made. It has plug-in timer so you can set the warming pad to come on when needed. The house works well for cats and dogs that are 25 pounds and under.

9. PETMAKER Cat Condo

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The PETMAKER cat condo has 2 levels so more than one cat can use it. This condo is covered in plush material to provide a soft and cozy place to sleep.

This cat condo from PETMAKER has a builtin scratching post on the back. The 2 enclosures are spacious and ideal for cats of all ages and sizes. The top of the condo can also be used for sleeping.

8. Aivituvin Outdoor Cat House

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The Aivituvin outdoor cat house is constructed of solid wood and designed to last. This house has 2 levels with plenty of indoor space for your cat to sleep. It also has several perches on the outside for sitting or climbing.

This cat house sits on 4 casters so you can move it around easily. There are brakes on 2 of the casters so you can secure the house in place. The inner ramp allows cats to go from one level to the other easily.

7. Aivituvin Large Cat House Outdoor and Indoor

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This large cat house from Aivituvin can be used indoors or outdoors. It has plenty of space for several cats to use at once and includes mesh fencing for safety and to promote air circulation.

This cat house allows your cat to sleep and play outdoors safely. It sits on 4 casters so you can move it around as needed. The bottom layer is made of PVC and is removable for easy cleanup.

6. ecoFLEX Albany Outdoor Feral Cat House

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The ecoFLEX Albany outdoor cat house can be used by your cats or neighborhood strays. This house is well-made and designed to stand up to the elements.

This cat house is weather-proof, bug-proof, and resistant to rot. It has 2 doors with flexible materials that allow cats to get in and out of the house easily while still keeping the inside warm and dry.

5. ASPCA ACC Cat House & Scratcher

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The ASPCA ACC cat house and scratcher is an affordable option made of heavy-duty cardboard. This house also includes catnip to be used to encourage your cat to scratch the cardboard instead of your furniture.

This indoor cat house has a stylish design on the exterior. It can provide your cat with a safe and cozy place to sleep or relax. It has windows on each side and an oversized door.

4. K&H PET PRODUCTS Outdoor Heated Kitty House

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The K&H PET PRODUCTS outdoor heated kitty house works for cats of all sizes and ages. This house provides a warm place outdoors for strays or feral cats. It’s also ideal for cats who enjoy spending time outside.

This cat house includes a plush heated bed that’s safe to use and won’t overheat. This house is easy to assemble and has insulation for added warmth.

3. Kitty City Pop-up Cat Cube

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The Kitty City pop up cat cube is lightweight and easy to move around. This cube has openings on all sides and includes a ribbon inside for your cat to play with.

This cube from Kitty City can be folded when not in use. It’s perfect for small homes where a large cat house won’t fit. It can be attached to other cubes for more space.

2. MidWest Curious Cat Cube

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The MidWest Curious cat cube can be used by more than one cat. This cube has a scratching post on one side to provide your cat with a safe place to sharpen their claws.

This cat house has 2 openings and a platform on the top for sleeping. It’s made of durable materials but is easy to fold flat for storage when you’re not using it.

1. Trixie Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower

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The Trixie Pet Products Miguel fold and store cat tower has a unique design that makes it great for use in small spaces. It can be easily folded away when not in use.

This cat tower is covered in a comfortable material and includes a scratching area. The cushion inside the tower is removable for washing. The tower also has 2 hanging toys.

If you have only one cat, you may want to choose a small and affordable cat condo. Households with multiple cats would do better with a condo or house that can accommodate all your cats at once. Be sure to consider the height of the various cat houses so you can choose one that will easily fit in your space. It’s also important to compare the options based on their features. Some cat houses include enclosed spaces and various cozy areas for your cat to sleep and relax.

Cat condos and houses work well to provide your cat with a safe and comfortable space to sleep or just hang out. Plus, most cat houses include scratching posts so your cat has an alternative place to sharpen their claws without using your walls, furniture, or other surfaces in your home. It’s helpful to read online reviews when choosing the best cat condo or house so you get the most for your money.