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Henan Bao Enluo International TradeCo.,LTD

Main products: CAS 102-54-5,CAS: 1971007-88-1,CAS: 22374-89-6,CAS: 5449-12-7,CAS: 7681-11-0
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Henan Bao Enluo International TradeCo.,LTD
Country: China
Tel: 173-31933
Mobile: 17331933971
QQ: 1466362961
Skype: Chat Now!
Address: Room 7430, Building 4, Jinyin Modern City, No. 86, Jingsan Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou
Henan Bao Enluo International Trade Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that mainly develops and sells pharmaceutical and chemical raw materials and other related products. The company has advanced and perfect supporting system and has formed advanced chemical synthesis technology, which can quickly meet the personalized needs and series development from suitable testing to industrial production. Products are exported to Russia, Southeast Asia and other countries, in the world has a very high reputation and visibility. The company has strong financial strength and a good operating environment, can provide customers with high-quality, efficient and fast services.
The supplier does not disclose its product catalog at present.
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